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Dark Mother Honoring Candle

Dark Mother Honoring Candle

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“Queen of the Dead, the laminable silence of the world below, The Black Madonna, Kali, Lilith, Mistress of the Elements, The Cosmos Lap where all creatures gather, I am the Dark Mother.”

She invites us into the dark and into the depths of our being where illusion fades and truth exists. She recycles all things. Takes you into her womb when you die, holds you in times of injustice and is the spark of manifestation before all things come to life.

The Dark Mother Honoring Candle was made with the intention of building a deep relationship with all that she holds and represents. The Dark Mother is often overlooked in our society as one to be honored and understood - this candle was made to honor her presence in our everyday lives. Dressed with intentional oils and herbs - star anise, black thorn & snap dragon skulls from my garden.

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